Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fussing Day

Well Sue, knowing how I listen to your decorating advice, a couple plates have been added. Now you have a choice of the lavender or green plate on the right hand side!

I spent much of the rest of the day ironing some white napkins, cleaning out the china armoire and placing the napkins on the shelves. So nice to have the linens out and not sitting in a drawer unappreciated.

For those of you who don't know - my candlewick is from my mother. She and my father received it as a wedding gift in 1948! The violet china was inherited from my great aunts. Am I a lucky girl or what?
While I was on a roll, I cleaned out and put some delicate white with blue stitching placemats in my everyday cupboard. Am searching for more coordinating linens to finish the remaining shelves, but afraid I'm out of steam today. Many trips to the cedar chest in the basement and back up to the ironing board on the 2nd floor and then back to the 1st floor for arranging. Hmm, and people think I'm organized.......


This ones for you Sue....remember the violets print you gave me when you moved? It has found a new home and I don't know what took me so long to realize it would be perfect above the guest bed! It had been practically hidden in the "china" armoire, behind my violet china.
The other day when I was cleaning the armoire (that dust gets everywhere...) it suddenly came to me that I had a much better location for the picture than as a backdrop to china! Then I had to decide whether to center it on the queen size bed or the king size headboard (I opted for the bed since the chandelier is centered on that....and I'm still wondering why I thought I needed to keep the headboard when I moved, but I do like how padded it is...) Anyway it's hung in it's new locale and I like it! Hope you will too!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Emma turns 3

From 3 months to....3 years - our Emma celebrated her birthday yesterday!She was dressed to go get her picture taken, but shortly after I snapped this shot she discovered she couldn't finger paint while in this attire and last I saw her she was sobbing the uncontrollable cries of a 3 yr old in the backseat of her mommy's car.,.... Something tell me the photo shoot didn't happen.....
I unfortunately (: had to leave to go buy a new car. Seems mine had engine and transmission problems and was going to be thousands of dollars to fix. I opted for a trade-in and now have a 2005 SRX with more bells and whistles than I know what to do with! I do like it though and finally I have a vehicle again that I can load furniture "finds" into!!! Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cousin Itt

So this week-end I happened to see someone redoing a chair by tying rags to the spindles on HGTV. Have had this office chair for about 7 yrs and had yet to decide what to do with it - other than paint it white, which is what I tend to do with about 90% of what doesn't move in my house. Deciding that it was way to hot outside, I opted instead to begin cutting/tearing and tying. It rather resembles Cousin Itt from The Adams Family and there is more work to be done, but it's kinda fun so far....

Spider Lake

We YaYa's seemed to be fairly mellow this week-end and this scene from the deck was the only photo I took! With all the talking, the heat outdoors and the unwritten rule that no photos are taken of each other the morning after our all night gab fest - well other than this gorgeous morning view that's it! So good to see my cuz's again. Somehow we never seem to run out of things to talk and laugh about.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The YaYa's

The above photo shows the "Sinclair girls", four sisters who are the mother's of the 7 cousins shown below. About 3 years ago we cousins realized how much we enjoy each other and decided to get together a couple times a year. This week-end we will gather together at Libby's on the lake, where the photo was taken. Obviously we have all read or seen Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood, hence our moniker. (not many secrets between us, other than the one's we keep from the "Sinclair girls"), but a sisterhood it truly is!
Two of my cousins are "double" cousins - our fathers were brothers our mothers are sisters - sounds a bit dicey, but it meant that we were at all family gatherings together on both sides of the family! Libby is back row left, Chris back row right and I'm next to Libby. There are 3 callgirls.......oops, Call girls - Marsha back row, Susie & Jeanne left and center. And cousin Linda who grew up with 6 brothers!! Occassionally 1 or 2 of our male cousins can't resist and join us for a bit and hopefully 2 of our cousin-in-laws will join us again this year. They have been married to our male cousins for so long, they are just naturally part of the sisterhood. I am so excited to see them all!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Furniture Shift

Even tho the temps are to be above normal for the next week or so, yesterday I started to declutter the yard and deck. These 2 shabby chic pieces work well indoors too and I couldn't imagine covering them with a tarp outdoors for the winter!! Besides I needed a coffee table in the living room. The "door shelf" is one of my favorite pieces and I think it works okay in the spot I found. Still need to do some more accessory arranging, but Sue, here's what I've done so far!