Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma

Emma turns 5 today! We celebrated a couple days earlier...
.....she's still shy when we sing to her
(or our singing is bad....)

When it's your birthday you can ask for and get
the center of the cake....and take a lick before
your fork arrives....

Hello Kitty - the theme of the day!

Daddy moves her closer..... needless to say her eyes were
bigger than her tummy!
The years have flown by since Emma entered our lives
and changed us forever, as children always do - filling our lives
with love & joy.
Happy Birthday Emma!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Happenings

I'd like to introduce you to my new beau.....
hey a girl can dream. Actually Carter was Grand Marshall
at CMU's homecoming and I managed to accost him in the
hallway outside the Presidents suite (bet he wished he'd stayed
inside) He couldn't have been nicer, nor could anyone be
more handsome!!!!

The day started with a gathering at Dave & Cindi's -
wish I'd taken a photo of all the yummy food they had, but
I forgot my camera! A hot cup of coffee and...

.....outdoors for the CMU Homecoming Parade, which conveniently
goes ride by their house! Samantha & Emma had a sleep-over at
my house the night awakening was at 6:15 (hence the coffee) with a sweet
voice saying "Nana is it time to get up?" It wasn't but we did!
Here they are with Aaron & Angie's adorable kids - Taylor, Riley and Aidan.

Emma made fast friends with Princess Jazmin -
Dave & Cindi's lovable doggie. A fun day! Unfortunately
in my attempt at glamour, I wore 3" high boots from
9am to 8 pm. Couldn't even put shoes on Sunday morning!
(I'm SURE Carter appreciated the effort.....)

Earlier in the month the infamous Yaya's gathered in
Rockford at cousin Jeanne's new home. These are the 3
Call girls - Jeanne, Marsha and Susie. As always, a great time
together. Rockford is a fabulous town - lot's of shops to browse and
spend money in! Wish we could get together every month!