Monday, September 21, 2009

New Beginnings

Fri night our family had a going away dinner for Meg who
is moving back to Georgia. We will all miss her, but especially
Emma who love her "Megatron".
(and when did she get that piercing in her mouth.....)
Emma and her daddy Brandon ....

....4 going on 16....

Good luck our sweet Meg!

Saturday we went shopping for a wedding dress for Samantha.
She was beautiful in every dress, but I'm sworn to secrecy on the
dress she picked! This was one of many - notice who else had
to try on flower girl dresses....

...a small skirmish over who is the bride here.....

...okay we know the real diva....

ready for my close-up!
The wedding date is May 22, 2010....
a simple outdoor wedding is planned, but
the girls have to have their dresses!

...and a new beginnning for cousin Alan and his new wife Joyce.
They said their "I do's" on Saturday at her home.
Congratulations and welcome to the family Joyce!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Greatest Joy

Emma spent her last day before starting kindergarten with me
on Wed. After a walk collecting leaves and crab apples, she
decided we needed to "cook" them. Obviously this was near
the completion of her dish.
It turned out to be a good time to empty my cupboards of
expired spices (there were many....) baking soda, powder,
corn starch and some oil. (Evidently I don't bake or cook often
enough) Oh the fun we had!!! Needless to say it wasn't something
we even taste tested!

A picnic at the park, some play time and

time to chase some squirrels. A perfect day
in every way.

The thrill of getting on the bus! Emma is sooo excited to
be able to ride a bus. This is today, the second day of school.
It was not easy for me to resist being there for her first day
of school, but I thought that was an experience she and her
mama should share. Fortunately for me, there was a 2
hour fog delay today....and I needed to run some thera flu
out to her mama - who unfortunately has the flu. Our little ones
grow up so fast, but I am grateful for all the time we've had to
spend together. Thank goodness there will still be vacation days
and before too long....snow days!