Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Fun

Just returned from our annual cousins reunion...

Above are all but one of the Call grandkids with their

grandmother - my Aunt Marjorie

Niece Samantha had her hands full with the newest members

of our family Kailyn (LeeAnnes youngest) and Lydia Edvena

(Jessica's newest and Edvena was our grandmother!)

Earlier in the summer Emma had a friend come over after their

last day of school. A picnic on the deck with lots of fun that followed.

A moment in my front garden - there's a
small green bicycle planter under all those

Something new this year - Morning Glories growing up a
trellis on the shed. Love the colors!
A summer that's gone quickly once again, but
have to say I'm ready for the cooler temps!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


How time flies!

Facebook has replaced my time on

blogging it seems.....

that or taking photos of all the snow

this winter just didn't seem interesting!

But...spring came bringing with it

the beautiful tulips and other assorted


...with spring has come T-Ball.

That would be Emma actually ready to catch

the ball should it come her way....

....and the birth of Lincoln, seen here

with my friend Maryanke. He was only

3 days old...

....this was Lincolns first foray into the outside world.

Tentative at first, he soon was running round the

paddock, under the watchful eye of mother Regina.

What a treat is was to watch him!!

Hopefully it won't be so long between updates, but

only time will tell.......

Monday, January 17, 2011

December Fun

Been awhile since I last posted....I blame facebook
which makes sharing so easy!
December brought many occassions to spend time with
family and friends. Above are my "girls" celebrating
at our Christmas party. Wish all could have been there!
Of course there was Christmas Day...
Fancy Nancy came dressed in all her finery
(notice her mama's high heels)
Santa brought her jewels and grandpa chose the dress!

The best gift for all of us was Meg being able to join us from
Savannah! Emma was sooo surprised - ran and jumped into
her arms... Oh how she loves her "Megatron"!

Earlier in the month we celebrated Aunt Norma's 98th birthday.
She is an amazing woman! Still spry - hard to keep up with her when
she starts walking! A fun afternoon with my brothers and cousins.
What more will this month no school so I'll have
Miss Emma for the day.....surely there'll be stories to tell!