Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today is inauguration day! Watching the coverage on CNN, I am overwhelmed by the
crowds of Americans and others gathering in our Nations capital to be a part of this historic day.
Watching the sun come up over the Capital building with the throngs of people in front - it is just such a hopeful scene. May God Bless all on this day and keep everyone safe.

In the meantime.....Christmas decor has been stored for the year,
except for these plates depicting winter scenes. They remind me
of the fun and beauty that can be found on these long, cold, snowy
winter days!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sinclair Sisters

Today Aunt Wilma entered God's kingdom of heaven.
She lived nearly 90 years on earth and blessed each of us who knew
her with her laugh and gentle soul. She will always be a "Sinclair girl"-
4 sisters who put family first and knew the value of that connection.
The lower photo was taken in 1939 - the upper in 1995. Ironically
they all lined up the same way 56 yrs later with Aunt Wilma in the middle
of the top row. Although it doesn't look it, the photos were taken in the
same spot - their parents home where cousin Tom & Lynn live now.
The poem below was written by my cousin Alan's friend Joyce.
She captured the last moments beautifully.
To my cousins Alan, Libby and Chris my deepest sympathy and love.

Tears and Comfort

Tears of sympathy flowed from his heart as he watched her slip away
But his tears were not for her, they were for those who’d stay.

The years had taken their toll on her body and her mind
And he knew that letting her go now was the act that was most kind.

And as family members stopped in to say their last good byes,
His thoughts turned to their years of sharing, and tears swelled in his eyes.

He thought of brighter times when laughter and kinship ruled the day
When sisters hugged and shared secrets and talked the night away

He thought of the history shared amongst the family’s blood.
He thought of ties that never break and that seal the bond of love.

His mind knew all too well that the end was coming soon,
And he fought back his tears, to comfort the others in the room

And while a piece of his heart was breaking he heard a trumpet blow.
It was the sound of peace, and it brought comfort to his soul.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Happy New Year!
Just to get my homemade candle out of the freezer decided to use it as the centerpiece for dinner on new years eve. It was quite pretty until the ice began melting and a few cranberries fell in and snuffed the candle out! Earlier in the season I had one outdoors greeeting guests as they arrived - snow put that one out.... Fun idea, but needs some tinkering before next year!
May you al have a healthy blessed New Year!