Monday, January 21, 2008

Feed me....

My "girls" and I have been in hibernation mode. It is sooooo cold outside! We have spent the past couple days, cuddling on the couch in the sunshine streaming through the windows in the sun room. I even turned the couch around to face the windows, so we could soak in every ray of sun. Unable to go outdoors, they follow me wherever I go (Guri is sitting on my lap as I type). In the photo above I got up to refill my coffee cup and they followed, waiting patiently for a treat....
My book for the week-end was "eat, pray, love", I hadn't taken the time to read it before, but am so glad I finally did. What an inspirational story and so much food for thought. That's Stella waiting for me to get back to the business of lolling.....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thought on Life

The past few weeks have brought life changing events in the lives of so many people I know.
My brother had to put down both his dogs within 6 weeks of each other. Coty the Husky who was 15 and Sinclair his Terrior who was only 8. Those of you who have pets, know this is like loosing your "kids".Some of you know that my almost 90 year old mother lives in an assisted living facility.
In the past 2 weeks 2 of her "neighbors" have passed on. An event that sadly she has witnessed numerous times in the 5 years she's lived there.
My friends son Aaron is still fighting the Stevens-Johnsons' Syndrome that has taken over so much of his body. Today she has asked for specific prayers for his lungs, his eyes and healing for the many wounds that cover his body. The family also needs prayers for strength as they continue this long journey ahead.
....and yet, life goes on. It is the tragic and life changing events that put our lives in perspective and allow us to enjoy the simple moments each day. I can't imagine how anyone gets through these times without a strong faith. God brings peace of mind even in the most uncertain times in our lives. For me those simple moments include wandering around my home, enjoying the objects I find so charming. The tin rose print my niece Samantha gave me for Christmas because when she saw it she knew "that is sooo Aunt Sheryl"; the antique Nippan "pot" my cousin Libby passed on to me ( a gift my mother had given to her sister, Libby's mom) because
"It just looked like it belongs in your living room!" - the simple things that remind me of the friendship and love I'm so blessed to have in my life.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Dear Friends, Many of you have already read Sue's blog from Life at Home regarding her son Aaron's fight against Steven - Johnsons Syndrome. For those of you who check in on my blog, I'm asking for her that you pray for his recovery. He was air lifted yesterday to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he is in the burn unit. His recovery will be long and painful. This all resulted as a reaction to penicillin. He has 3 young kids at home who need their daddy.
Thank-you for your prayers.
With Love - Sheryl

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The weather has turned very warm the last 2 days - in the 50's, which is unheard of for Michigan this time of year! Unfortunately with the "balmly" temps it has been rainy and foggy, which I find completely dreary.... Not to worry, snow is predicted again tonight, so our yards will once again be freshly covered and beautiful. It gave us all a glimpse of spring to come (in a couple more months....), which is always a welcome time! I've been roaming my home enjoying my "eye candy" like the photo above and reading "Eat, Pray, Love" which is such a fun book.
If I didn't have to deal with airports and airlines I might have wanderlust!!!!
With our thunderstorms last night, the power has been knocked out in several areas, including Emma's daycare. She's on her way here to Nana's, so I'd best get some activities out to entertain her!