Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to College Days...

Got to together yesterday with "old" college friends
for a day of memories and laughter. Our host Jared
modeling a b-ball shirt from the 70's.
The guys...

...more guys
enjoying a pontoon ride

...friend Sally - who has changed the least!

Ruthanne, a high school classmate and
husband Dave a college friend....small world!

Patty in the appropriate tie-dye,
Steve & Peaches sharing a photo

Best buds Mike, Duane, Randy and Tom - wish I
had a photo of them together in the 70's when they
all had hair well below their sholders!

My first love Ron - I was 16, he was 19 - wow, 40 yrs later!!
Still good friends and will be for life...

Peaches and Ron

Duane, Jared and Mike. I had a great day reconnecting
with everyone - we are the Woodstock generation!
Some things never change.....