Sunday, June 28, 2009

Featured Home

I was honored to be July's featured home in

Mt Pleasant Monthly magazine!

The magazine is the creation of Candi Purtill and is a fantastic

addition to our area. Full of vibrant photos, informative articles,

a calendar of events and much much more.

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly add one more piece of

furniture to my home, we needed to find a safe place to keep

this curio cabinet - other than my garage. Surprise - this little

nook in my family room turned out to be the perfect spot!

Filling it is still a work in progress.... The little chair was also from

Aunt Norma's and at least for now works fine by the cabinet.

The prints above the cabinet I got at our church's rummage sale last year.

The cute little candle sconces I purchased for $.25 two days ago at a

garage sale.

The rocking chair was my grandparents. My parents had it in their

home, re-upholstered it and it was in mom's apt. until now. I have

always loved the comfort of this chair!

Okay, now no more furniture!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mom's Memorial

For those of you who were unable to attend- a photo cousin
Steven emailed me today. The bouquet of peonies came from
Bill's garden - the rest from family and friends. I think mom
would have been pleased with the simplicity and the beauty.
Mom collected turtle figurines - this stuffed one was given to her by
her granddaughters a few years ago. It stayed with her in her bed her last
2 weeks adding a touch of comfort. God Bless you mom, we miss you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Day

Saturday was the wedding of my dear friend Sally's daughter
Jessie to Matt. A beautiful day for a wedding outdoors at
CMU's Warriner Mall.
Jessie and her father Jim - she was gorgeous... friend Sally and my godson Nick...
A great way to end the day because....

my garage sale ended at noon and I was ready for
some fun and relaxation! The sale was a success, but
everytime I say "never again"!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scenes from June

An array of bouquets filled my home -

as friends and family shared their love-

and their condolences -

for our beloved mother.
This little lamp lit mom's room
and the guardian angel watched over her.
The bouquet is from my dear friends at church
lovingly put together by Sarah.
Thank-you to all.

Family gathered to play....

...reminisce and fill my home with even more love.

Emma has spent a couple days with me, which as always
is fun. Here she is with my neighbor Henry getting ready
for a ride compliments of Henry's dad Jason, who has the
energy to bike with a trailer attached!

This is my bedroom 1 hour after Emma arrived!
Okay the ironing board is my contribution and I actually got a
few items ironed while playing house...

My new furniture compliments of Aunt Norma.
I'd been coveting the dressing table since I was a
little girl. Emma's first comment was "Nana, is
this for me?" A new coveter in my midst!

...and this is my garage. All ready for the sale
except for the pricing. Most of it is from Aunt Norma as
we moved her from her apt. into assisted living. Some
beautiful treasures to be had!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Life goes on - never to be quite the same.
Our mother gave us a lifetime of memories...
She'll be with me when a robin bathes in
the birdbath,
as I rake the leaves of fall,
as I enjoy the words of a good book,
as I worship our Lord.
There will be few places I won't feel her presence
and her touch upon my life.
Emma and I will miss our visits to "GG",
but I will be forever grateful that they had
a chance to know each other....
and life does go on , through the sorrow
there too is joy.