Thursday, April 22, 2010


The past week I have worked at one estate sale, shopped at another one
(today) and visited our church's Treasure Sale with the Yaya's.
These 3 pieces I picked up at the church sale - I just couldn't resist them!
The water color on the bottom shelf I purchased at the
estate sale last week for $12.50! It is perfect for my newly
redecorated office (which is where all these treasures are
sitting at the moment)
The table, lamp, message board and adorable bunny candleholder
I picked up at todays sale.
Now for those of you who know how much "stuff" I already have - rest
assured I donated 6 boxes of it to the church sale! Of course then
Libby ended up buying 2 of our aunts things I'd donated..... ah well,
all for a good cause!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Happenings

With Emma on spring break, we got to spend the day together
on Tuesday. Miss "no fear" turned the cat tree into her own personal
mountain and about gave Nana a heart attack!

My neighbors Henry and Polly came to play too...
...Henry and Emma making their first attempts to climb, with
Henry's dad Jason ready to help....

Sarah and I adorned the altar at our church yesterday - all ready for Easter Sunday

...and last night we celebrated friend Sue's birthday. A few
of the women (and Nolan) watching Sue open her gifts.
The amazing aspect of this is that we were outside at
7:00pm on April 2nd in Michigan, and as you can
tell by the attire, it was warm outside!

The yummy birthday cake...
and because Sue and I have an agreement with each
other to post only the most flattering photos of each other
and my inability last night to capture the perfect photo....
you'll just have to trust me that she was in fact at her own party!