Friday, December 25, 2009

One more thing.....

....a heartfelt thank-you to all of you who sent cards this year.
mine unfortunately are still in the box....
and to Sue who gave me 2 of these fabulous pillows and this
adorable vase! "Things" still have a way of making me smile!
I'm even thrilled with the new steamer mop I received from
my family (it was on my wish list - I know, a plug-in). Used
it already and it does the trick!!!
Thank-you one and all for your kindness and love this year!

Christmas - Memories...

We had an early Christmas celebration this year -
one which our front toothless Emma filled with joy....
Bill and Meg busily preparing dinner....

...and look who's old enough to help clear the table now!

....attempting to put a jigsaw puzzle together is always a must.....

Brandon, Samantha and Emma begin the gift opening.... shoes - "oh yeah"....

....scenes around the house.
The tree and little presents are new this year
(love my job at the hospital gift shop...)
and was amazed at the beautiful cards I
received that matched! (Also the scrubber holder frog
my friend Cheryl gave me last year)...

...the living room tree - no rhyme nor reason,
but similar colors....

....the fireplace in the family room.
My favorite season to decorate for!

Sadly all was not joyous for us this year. The Saturday before
Christmas my awesome cousin Tom passed away unexpectedly.
He had been living with colon cancer for the last year and a half - had
just received news that the new protocol was shrinking the tumors-
but pneumonia crept in and he wasn't able to fight it too.
He leaves behind his beautiful wife and best friend Lynn, 2 daughters, a
son-in-law and his 2month old granddaughter Skyler. But as the crowd at his
memorial service, the words spoken about him and the tears shed showed - he
was loved by all who had the blessing of knowing him.
Death and it's sorrow have been too much a part of our lives
this year....Aunt Wilma, Uncle Royal, my dear Mother, their
cousin Dorothy and now our Tom....
...and yet there have been times of joy and gladness too.
I have been blessed to have had them all as family -
to have an extended that family that is so close and loving -
to have friends that are with me through good times and bad -
to have the Peace within me that only Christ can give.
May you all have love surround you on this Christmas Day.