Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YaYa Week-end

We began our week-end with absolutely beautiful weather
An evening on the deck overlooking Spider Lake....
Our hostess Libby reading one of the many letters written by
our parents and grandparents in the 1920's - 40's. Thank
goodness our mother's were "savers" of history.

Bride-to-Be Jeanne writing in the YaYa journal-
wedding in July!

A couple of the next generation dropped by for a few minutes -
two of Libby's kids Calvin and LeeAnne .
Congrats to LeeAnne - another baby coming in Oct.!!!

.....another guest stopped by too....cousin Alan's travel companion
Otis....this little guy has partied around the world. So glad he could
entertain us for a bit.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Loss of First Tooth

Yesterday Emma lost her first tooth....hard to tell here, but it's one of her front lower ones.
Thank goodness not a top one, cause something tells me it could be a year before a new one grows in. No sign of a new one coming in yet! She is only 4!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunroom Refreshment

Chaos anyone? As the sunroom floors were being sanded and refinished the family room became one of the "storage" areas for all the furnishings etc.

A view from the kitchen (which also became a "storage" area) through the visqueen

which did in fact keep most of the dust from traveling thoughout the house!

The floors are done! I'll leave the visqueen for the painter to remove....

Well....so long as the room is empty, may as well repaint the walls right?!

Went with a deeper, fresher blue, which I love!

Oh, and the window trim which I'd planned on painting white....

in the end decided it was too much of a project

and ended up just restaining.

Ahh, the finished product! Spent all day yesterday putting the room back together

and am almost done! Threw an old quilt over the table and brought the Patricia Woods chairs back into the sunroom. Even had dinner in there last night with friend Sue M.

Retrieved the green chairs - one from the family room and one from the living room.

Now they are together again which is how they belong!

A few finishing touches yet to go...like getting the valences rehung....maybe yet today....

In the meantime need to figure out what to do with the item that didn't make it back into the room!