Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends and a Wedding

Thanks to Facebook I've reconnected with friends I've known since
elementary school. Yesterday 4 of us met in Saginaw and spent a few hours
catching up on a lifetime of memories. So much fun!!!
Over the week-end I attended the wedding of my cousin
Jeanne to our newest family member Matt.
Here a few of the cousins gathered pre-wedding including
cousin Peter (far left) who I hadn't seen in 10years!

Jeanne was escorted down the isles by son's Tyler (in his Coast Guard uniform)
and Brady. Her daughter Morgan served as Maid of Honor and Matt's son, Andrew
as Best Man. Very touching.... as they surround their new step-daddy Matty!

Matt & Jeanne during their vows....

Jeanne surprising Matt by singing to him. A beautiful song, bride and voice!!!!

The deed is done! Congratulations to the Peter's and
their family!

Sisters Susie and Marsha...

Cousin Jeff back for the occassion from Alaska -
one of my favorite people! Someday I'm going to
go visit him!!

Jeanne and Andrew hitting the dance floor
and about to dip....

Michael and Nancy taking a break from dancing to attend to
a bit of clean-up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mackinac Island

We're off to the island - cruising over on the ferry for a few days


fun in the sun...

....whose idea was it to take that valence down??
All freshened up now....

....a bit of swiffering on the porch

ahh, a moment to enjoy the floral displays

...and the freshly dusted cottage

...a joy to clean the fabulous antiques in the
cozy family room.

Time to explore the neighborhood.
This log "shed" is tucked away in the woods...

....this beauty right out front on the East Bluff.
It was the tree that caught my attention this time.

The "Baby Grand" is also along the Bluff, so named for it's
similarities to the Grand Hotel.

Gorgeous flowers greet us as we return back to the cottage...

...meanwhile Maryanke (our hostess) and Susan are getting
Pearl hitched up to the antique carriage for a spin around town...
The 1st annual "Festival of the Horses" is this weekend on the Island.

Sandy & Alex relax in the family room -
2 of the most loving and lovable dogs ever!

...where did the week go...but what a week of fun and laughter we had!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Aunt Wilma

Yesterday we celebrated the life of my Aunt Wilma.
She passed away on Jan. 14th - it was fitting to have
her service on a beautiful sunny day in the summer.
Her final resting place is beside her parents

...with her husband at her side.

We reflected afterwards

...her grandson Calvin says good-bye

...his older brother Boone talks with his mom..

...and cousins stood together not wanting to leave
this place where so many of our decendents are buried.

....but cousins Susie and Leo opened up their home to us...
my brother Bill was explaining to Jeanne & Matt the
legal aspects of their upcoming marriage (heehee)

and the laughter began

and went on for hours.

Meanwhile indoors - Wilma's 2 remaining sisters and a few more
cousins sat and looked through photo albums - gathering
memories long since forgotten. A sad day, but a day also
of celebration and gratefulness for the family that we share.