Tuesday, November 18, 2008

....and so it begins....

...with a Christmas party at my home on the 9th of Dec - Thanksgiving prep between now and then....decided yesterday to begin decorating. So far I've found most of the snowmen that reside in the kitchen....
....and the Santa's for the family room. By the time I stored all the "treasures" that adorn the shelves the rest of the year, removed the dust that had collected on the higher shelves and hauled from the basement 4 platic bins of Christmas decor....

....this is as far as I got!! To top it off I realized that since I have a builder coming to add more trim to the fireplace (in an effort to hide more of the brick and give it a more finished look), it would be silly to hang the greenery until it's done.... Hopefully he will arrive soon!
On to another room.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Snow

After a gloomy day we were treated in the waning hours of daylight to a light dusting of snow and a beautiful sunset. This photo doesn't do it justice, but my sleeping porch is the only spot I could capture it....
This past week has been so much fun with my friend Sue up visiting for a few days. I could drop by her guest house for a cup of coffee in the morning, had a delicious dinner with she and some of her family one night, out with our girlfriends another night and even cooked a pot of goulash myself a third night, which I shared with Sue and her daughter Dana. Since her daughter/daughter in-laws and grandchildren were often visiting with her too, I had the chance to visit (and play) with them as well. We miss you Sue!!!
Yesterday Samantha, Emma and I shopped at a couple of the many craft shows here in town. So much talent out there!
All in all my favorite kind of week filled with family and friends!
(Cheryl it's all fun, but missing you!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Visit Home

Yesterday my mother and I spent a lovely day in the town where I grew up and where she spent over 40 years of her life. After a warm welcome at our "hometown" church, we joined some friends for lunch at mom's favorite restaurant. Lot's of laughter, catching up and reminiscing.... ....time for us to depart, but not before a photo for the blog, which all these gals visit!
Judy, cousin Linda, Jean, Joann, moi and Jean (mom)
Each one has touched my life and taught me lessons, especially that of humor in the face of challenges. Joann also taught me how to knit when I was about 8 or 9 - I still remember those pink bootie slippers you helped me create!

Thanks for making our day so special!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fun

Happy Halloween

Emma came as Cinderella - somehow after an hour of Trick or Treating
her tiara was gone, her hair fallen and she preferred the Vanilla Wafers grandpa
put in her bag to candy...

The most fun for her seemed to be once again passing out candy at my house to the 250 or so
kids that came by.... and yes, I prefer painting my pumpkin as opposed to digging out all the goop and risking slicing myself open as I try to carve!
The day before Halloween we raked up the leaves in a big pile for running and

....and then made a house...tho the interior walls kept disappearing....

a fun fall day in beautiful weather. Yesterday was almost 70, which in Mich

is gratefully enjoyed this time of year!