Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Happenings

Been awhile since I've posted....very frustrated trying to
figure out the new my title foto which
is cropped to 1/4 of the foto....
Anyway it's been a fun summer with lot's of time with
Emma. We spend an hour together every morning before
she goes to PEAK...although quite often she convinces me
to let her spend the whole day with me!

Did some shopping at TJ Max one afternoon and guess

who got the new clothes - she loves her new dresses!

Cousin Libby came down for a week-end and we went to visit 97 years young Aunt Norma in Lansing - she is simply amazing!

Another week-end was my 40th class reunion in Caseville. How can it be 40 years??? It was such a good time and wonderful to reconnect with so many friends.

Over the 4th I spent a couple days with Jim & Cheryl at their cottage on Wixom Lake. They were very much in the spirit of the day! All in all a great summer so far and more to come!