Saturday, October 25, 2008


This was a week of celebration for me starting with Emma's birthday last Sun. and my own on Weds. On Tues the "Island Girls" (pictured above last summer on Mackinac Is.) got together for pizza & suds and to catch-up on each others busy lives.
Weds. night I celebrated not only my birthday, but 2 other girlfriends, one of whom turned 50 the week before, the other who turns 60 next weds. (a few of the gang are in the photo - I forgot my camera both nights....perhaps a good thing.....but neither of the other birthday girls are shown....) My friend Cindi volunteered to prepare the dinner at her home and how I wish I had photos of all the delectables she fixed! She started us off with a platter of gourmet olives, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, salami and artichoke hearts; served with warm bread & oil. Dinner was her delicious linguini with clam sauce and spaghetti too! We also had "Good to Go" salad, which we are all addicted too.....
Sarah made what I would call a "Death by Chocolate" cake - it was soooooo good.
Such a fun night and the perfect way to celebrate!
Also pictured above is the beautiful twig candle holder and the silver frame given to me by Sue.

.....and there were more gifts!
Barb gave me this "diva" wine stopper and the sweet "fun and fabulous friend" ornament....

Cheryl missed the party, but stopped by to give me this unique stone and iron cross. I love the gift, but it was bittersweet as she was leaving that day to spend the winter in Florida.... I shall miss you my friend, but I will be down to visit!!!
Other friends spoiled me with a variety of gift certificates....I have some serious shopping to do now! Thanks to one and all - it is your friendship I treasure the most!!!!

....and what would my blog be without a photo of Emma.... We'd just gotten home from
pre-school.... todays snack a fudgesicle. The hour and a half we spend together each day is such a treat! Fortunately Oprahs on again at 10pm, cause if the tv's on we're watching "Arthur" and "Word Girl" on PBS....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Surprises

While cutting back my garden I discovered this hyacinth that seems to have its seasons confused....
...a final bloom of what I believe is the Lavatera "Barnsley"
...and no surprise for this time of year some mums.
The outdoor furniture is stored, the gardens at rest until spring,
and firewood stacked for cozy winter fires .....
waiting for the trees to finish shedding their leaves....
a final job of raking
and await the winters snow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Girl

Just a moment to wish our sweet Emma a Happy 4th Birthday today !
You are pure joy in our lives!
Love - Nana

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Good friends Dave & Cindi began the days Homecoming festivities with a Parade Party at their lovely home. The dining table was filled with sweet treats....
...the Marching Chips stretched out for blocks and stopped to play CMU's fight song right in front of us....
Sue enjoyed the parade with her grandkids and our friend Dani....they collected lot's of candy tossed to them....
Amy Roloff from "Little People Big World" and a CMU grad, was the Grand Marshall....
Cindi had her home decorated for fall inside and out. These 2 pieces were on her patio.
She found them at our local farmers market. Aren't they adorable?
We went on to the game, which the Chips won! and then to the after celebration.... a long
fun-filled friend-filled day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thoughtful Ya-yas

Not only did I get to enjoy the company of my cousins, but they brought gifts!
Susie found this milk bottle at an antique store and discovering it was from the town where I grew up, she got it for me! Even tho I don't recall the creamery that produced it, we did use to have our milk delivered, so it brings back fond memories for me!
The "Fresh Cut Grass"scented candle and dish are from Libby. She remembered I'd commented on that being one of my favorite "smells" and found this in her Longaberger catalog
(which she is a dealer for....if anyone wants to do some shopping!) I'm saving it until the snow falls and I'm craving the scent of spring!

Linda, who creates something beautiful for us everytime we get together, made these adorable hanging "vases" for us out of lace fabric from our great aunt's farm. We had the choice of these, bells or circular Christmas ornaments. Lucky me - I got to pick 3! (one is Meg's, which she'll get someday.....) Linda is so talented - don't know how she comes up with all these ideas, but glad she does!

Almost time for the Ya-ya's to depart, but we enjoyed the sunshine in my front garden for a bit, not wanting the week-end to end.....

Monday, October 6, 2008


This past week-end was our semi-annual gathering of the YaYa's! Some are sisters by birth, all are "sisters" in spirit and all are first cousins! This time we stayed at my house for the week-end - here we are at O'Kelley's for lunch after a morning of successful shopping at TJMax...
Fri. night we were joined by a couple of "petites ya-ya's" (as the offspring are called in the book- we were thinking "yahoo's" might fit better....) Samantha, LeeAnne and Susan, a friend of LeeAnnes stopped by for awhile on Fri. nite and thoroughly entertained us. Thanks to LeeAnne for our cute Halloween dishtowels! So sweet of you, but then you've always been a sweetheart...
and yes you made the blog!

Fri. night was also Linda's birthday - another reason to celebrate and eat cake!
A visit to Aunt Jean's apartment after we'd purchased our novelty headbands. Last time sandals this time - silly hats. What will we find next time..... and yes we wore them all over town. Needless to say we got lots of smiles and couldn't help but laugh at each other!One of the Sinclair "girls" who is responsible for the Ya-ya's (my mom) She joined the fun too while we visited her!

Being together with these special women is always fun and renewing!