Monday, January 17, 2011

December Fun

Been awhile since I last posted....I blame facebook
which makes sharing so easy!
December brought many occassions to spend time with
family and friends. Above are my "girls" celebrating
at our Christmas party. Wish all could have been there!
Of course there was Christmas Day...
Fancy Nancy came dressed in all her finery
(notice her mama's high heels)
Santa brought her jewels and grandpa chose the dress!

The best gift for all of us was Meg being able to join us from
Savannah! Emma was sooo surprised - ran and jumped into
her arms... Oh how she loves her "Megatron"!

Earlier in the month we celebrated Aunt Norma's 98th birthday.
She is an amazing woman! Still spry - hard to keep up with her when
she starts walking! A fun afternoon with my brothers and cousins.
What more will this month no school so I'll have
Miss Emma for the day.....surely there'll be stories to tell!