Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Wrap-Up

Hurray - the last day of January! It seems I've missed a month of
posting - where did the time go....
Emma got her hair cut - 10" to Locks for Love...

...Stella developed a urinary tract infection, so the day I was
to be in airports heading to Florida, instead was spent at the vets!
Her final check-up is tomorrow and I hope we're through this
The Yaya's gathered in Benzonia at Susie's cottage -
for once we all were there!

Miss Emma paid me a visit and redecorated my bedroom....

...we played outside with my neighbors Jason & his son Henry....
the "hill" between our houses is just big enough for some sledding.

...and the month ended with an overnight visit last night with Em.
I hadn't seen her in 3 weeks and was having serious withdrawal!
Of course we had to do some "cooking" - not sure what she was thinking of
doing with this jar of nuts.... We did make pancakes this morning with the
pancake mix and Pure New England Maple Syrup my friend Nancy gave
me for Christmas. She knows how much Em likes to cook! They were
delicious - Em added some Cinnamon to the batter (neither her mom, nor I
know how she knew to do that....)

Picked up a few things at the Hospital Gift Shop the other day -
do you think I might be ready for Spring? Going to redecorate
my little office. The new things are resting on the chair in the office
(otherwise known as Marsha's it opens into a twin bed....)
and I think they'll be perfect. Yesterday I bought and installed a new
doorbell. I'd taken the old one down to clean it, it has 2 brass cylinders that
hang down - has to be 40yrs old - well it didn't clean up very well! To top it
off the rubber gaskets fell apart in my hands - afraid the whole thing bit
the dust! Never did like how it was off center on the wall anyways! So even tho
the new one works - an electrician is called for to move the whole thing to a better
location. I don't do wire moving!
Hoping Feb. flies by as fast as this month did - Spring is around the corner!!!