Friday, December 25, 2009

One more thing.....

....a heartfelt thank-you to all of you who sent cards this year.
mine unfortunately are still in the box....
and to Sue who gave me 2 of these fabulous pillows and this
adorable vase! "Things" still have a way of making me smile!
I'm even thrilled with the new steamer mop I received from
my family (it was on my wish list - I know, a plug-in). Used
it already and it does the trick!!!
Thank-you one and all for your kindness and love this year!

Christmas - Memories...

We had an early Christmas celebration this year -
one which our front toothless Emma filled with joy....
Bill and Meg busily preparing dinner....

...and look who's old enough to help clear the table now!

....attempting to put a jigsaw puzzle together is always a must.....

Brandon, Samantha and Emma begin the gift opening.... shoes - "oh yeah"....

....scenes around the house.
The tree and little presents are new this year
(love my job at the hospital gift shop...)
and was amazed at the beautiful cards I
received that matched! (Also the scrubber holder frog
my friend Cheryl gave me last year)...

...the living room tree - no rhyme nor reason,
but similar colors....

....the fireplace in the family room.
My favorite season to decorate for!

Sadly all was not joyous for us this year. The Saturday before
Christmas my awesome cousin Tom passed away unexpectedly.
He had been living with colon cancer for the last year and a half - had
just received news that the new protocol was shrinking the tumors-
but pneumonia crept in and he wasn't able to fight it too.
He leaves behind his beautiful wife and best friend Lynn, 2 daughters, a
son-in-law and his 2month old granddaughter Skyler. But as the crowd at his
memorial service, the words spoken about him and the tears shed showed - he
was loved by all who had the blessing of knowing him.
Death and it's sorrow have been too much a part of our lives
this year....Aunt Wilma, Uncle Royal, my dear Mother, their
cousin Dorothy and now our Tom....
...and yet there have been times of joy and gladness too.
I have been blessed to have had them all as family -
to have an extended that family that is so close and loving -
to have friends that are with me through good times and bad -
to have the Peace within me that only Christ can give.
May you all have love surround you on this Christmas Day.

Friday, November 27, 2009


This year I celebrated Thanksgiving at the home of Samantha's
future in-laws, Gordy and Peg. They open their home to many family and
friends and the food was delicious and plentiful!

- 2 little new ones join the party...

...Samantha and her dad Brian "chill" after dinner

...and poor Emma was just worn out. I am so grateful
for all the invitations I received for the day! I am blessed with
so many dear friends!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Week-end of Fun

Sunday afternoon we decorated the hospital gift shop getting it ready for our big sale
on Monday and Tuesday. Gretchen popped up in front of the fireplace scene...
Sue (our volunteer coordinator), Debbie and Gayla amongst the
chaos. Somehow we found a home for everything. This meant setting up
6 tables in the hall - 3 of which were empty by noon of the first sale day!

The yaya's were here for the week-end. We stepped outside the box, with fear and anticipation,
and actually burned 3 novelty candles! (they were in fact warped on the bottom
and could no longer stand alone)

Brian, Samantha and Emma stopped by for a visit. Here
Samantha regaled Brian and Libby with Emma stories....

Birthday girl Jeanne, sisters Susie and Marsha (otherwise known as
the Call girls) prepare to eat the birthday cake. Angel food cake with whipped
cream and chocolate - Jeanne's choice - very good! Susie by the way came right from
her teaching job where the theme for the day was western....

Marsha and Libby enjoying an apparently very funny b-day card!

The beautiful gift cousin Linda made me...the doily's are from Aunt
Norma's collection, the buttons too and the flannel background
from our great aunts remnants of fabric. Wasn't til we saw the photo
that we realized the resemblance to a woman's anatomy....

...and last night Samantha and Emma came by for dinner. Emma played
pbskids cames on the computer..

...and showed off her new toothless smile.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

My cousin Libby's son Calvin and
his H1N1 jack-o-lantern...
....a much more beautiful pumpkin...

....amateur photographer

...neighbors Henry (the firefly - he had a balloon w/a glowstick
on his back), baby Polly and dad.

Princess Emma and her friend Madison patiently waiting in
my front hall - "Let's go trick or treating!" of Emma's shots....
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma

Emma turns 5 today! We celebrated a couple days earlier...
.....she's still shy when we sing to her
(or our singing is bad....)

When it's your birthday you can ask for and get
the center of the cake....and take a lick before
your fork arrives....

Hello Kitty - the theme of the day!

Daddy moves her closer..... needless to say her eyes were
bigger than her tummy!
The years have flown by since Emma entered our lives
and changed us forever, as children always do - filling our lives
with love & joy.
Happy Birthday Emma!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Happenings

I'd like to introduce you to my new beau.....
hey a girl can dream. Actually Carter was Grand Marshall
at CMU's homecoming and I managed to accost him in the
hallway outside the Presidents suite (bet he wished he'd stayed
inside) He couldn't have been nicer, nor could anyone be
more handsome!!!!

The day started with a gathering at Dave & Cindi's -
wish I'd taken a photo of all the yummy food they had, but
I forgot my camera! A hot cup of coffee and...

.....outdoors for the CMU Homecoming Parade, which conveniently
goes ride by their house! Samantha & Emma had a sleep-over at
my house the night awakening was at 6:15 (hence the coffee) with a sweet
voice saying "Nana is it time to get up?" It wasn't but we did!
Here they are with Aaron & Angie's adorable kids - Taylor, Riley and Aidan.

Emma made fast friends with Princess Jazmin -
Dave & Cindi's lovable doggie. A fun day! Unfortunately
in my attempt at glamour, I wore 3" high boots from
9am to 8 pm. Couldn't even put shoes on Sunday morning!
(I'm SURE Carter appreciated the effort.....)

Earlier in the month the infamous Yaya's gathered in
Rockford at cousin Jeanne's new home. These are the 3
Call girls - Jeanne, Marsha and Susie. As always, a great time
together. Rockford is a fabulous town - lot's of shops to browse and
spend money in! Wish we could get together every month!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Beginnings

Fri night our family had a going away dinner for Meg who
is moving back to Georgia. We will all miss her, but especially
Emma who love her "Megatron".
(and when did she get that piercing in her mouth.....)
Emma and her daddy Brandon ....

....4 going on 16....

Good luck our sweet Meg!

Saturday we went shopping for a wedding dress for Samantha.
She was beautiful in every dress, but I'm sworn to secrecy on the
dress she picked! This was one of many - notice who else had
to try on flower girl dresses....

...a small skirmish over who is the bride here.....

...okay we know the real diva....

ready for my close-up!
The wedding date is May 22, 2010....
a simple outdoor wedding is planned, but
the girls have to have their dresses!

...and a new beginnning for cousin Alan and his new wife Joyce.
They said their "I do's" on Saturday at her home.
Congratulations and welcome to the family Joyce!