Friday, November 27, 2009


This year I celebrated Thanksgiving at the home of Samantha's
future in-laws, Gordy and Peg. They open their home to many family and
friends and the food was delicious and plentiful!

- 2 little new ones join the party...

...Samantha and her dad Brian "chill" after dinner

...and poor Emma was just worn out. I am so grateful
for all the invitations I received for the day! I am blessed with
so many dear friends!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Week-end of Fun

Sunday afternoon we decorated the hospital gift shop getting it ready for our big sale
on Monday and Tuesday. Gretchen popped up in front of the fireplace scene...
Sue (our volunteer coordinator), Debbie and Gayla amongst the
chaos. Somehow we found a home for everything. This meant setting up
6 tables in the hall - 3 of which were empty by noon of the first sale day!

The yaya's were here for the week-end. We stepped outside the box, with fear and anticipation,
and actually burned 3 novelty candles! (they were in fact warped on the bottom
and could no longer stand alone)

Brian, Samantha and Emma stopped by for a visit. Here
Samantha regaled Brian and Libby with Emma stories....

Birthday girl Jeanne, sisters Susie and Marsha (otherwise known as
the Call girls) prepare to eat the birthday cake. Angel food cake with whipped
cream and chocolate - Jeanne's choice - very good! Susie by the way came right from
her teaching job where the theme for the day was western....

Marsha and Libby enjoying an apparently very funny b-day card!

The beautiful gift cousin Linda made me...the doily's are from Aunt
Norma's collection, the buttons too and the flannel background
from our great aunts remnants of fabric. Wasn't til we saw the photo
that we realized the resemblance to a woman's anatomy....

...and last night Samantha and Emma came by for dinner. Emma played
pbskids cames on the computer..

...and showed off her new toothless smile.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

My cousin Libby's son Calvin and
his H1N1 jack-o-lantern...
....a much more beautiful pumpkin...

....amateur photographer

...neighbors Henry (the firefly - he had a balloon w/a glowstick
on his back), baby Polly and dad.

Princess Emma and her friend Madison patiently waiting in
my front hall - "Let's go trick or treating!" of Emma's shots....
Happy Halloween!