Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Summer Fun

Last week-end we had our 31st Sinclair cousins party
in Benzonia. Lot's of dancing!
Fun times on the Crystal Lake beach - Emma's 1st time
being buried in the sand....ok if Aunt Meg did it too!

3 of our younger crowd exploring the woods....

....the week before was brother Brian's 60th birthday!
Celebrated with a surprise party thanks to Samantha!!

...and of course time with my sweetpea. She selected the glass
(it's applejuice btw), but frighteningly the pose is her own.
I swear she's never seen me drink out of one of these glasses...
A fun summer, but I must say something I never thought I'd say,
I'm ready for cooler temps!!!

1 comment:

Mrs. G said...

OMG, that last picture of Emma is precious...Sorry I didn't get to see more of you last weekend. The events of the day turned sour so I ended up coming home and participating in the meeting via a phone hook for 7 hours on Saturday. Don't call me any time soon because all the phones in the house will need a few days to recharge ;) Everything worked out well in the end, but like I said, I am sorry we didn't get more time together. Should be a fairly calm week down here so if you want to escape the heat come on down and float in the pool.